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My Story

Devoted to designing

Hi I'm Ruby Smith, the Founder and Director of Ruby's Designs Online. I am devoted to creating stylish accessories making sure each product is of the highest possible quality. Ruby's Designs Online is a small up and coming business of which all products sold are packaged using sustainably sourced paper. This is important to me as I believe too many items bought online are wrapped in plastic, even though its effect on climate change is such a key issue in today's world. I am a firm believer that if a product is of high quality it will last a lifetime, therefore is worth the investment, as well as being more environmentally friendly than having to buy the same product frequently. All products are handmade in London, UK. This means that products are handcrafted by a small team using tools rather than mass produced by machine. This ensures you are supporting British craftsmanship, by purchasing a product that doesn't have a large carbon footprint and creates employment for British workers. I am passionate about creating innovative and intricate designs in my art studio based at Loughborough University. I love designs that can be incorporated into different items to add a little joy to everyday life!

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